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@4PM on Saturday 26th April, 2014
The Art Of Pricing For An Online Business.
Swapnil Deopurkar, Founder, Yemple.com
Former Pricing Specialist, Amazon.com

Past Events

Sat 19th April, 2014 - Safety & Security Risks in the Hyper-connected (IoT) World. - Tamaghna Basu, Senior Security Specialist, eBay.

This presentation exposed vulnerabilities to our privacy, the methods used to counter Cyber threats and the chilling fact that ignorance and simple lapses could create unwanted or dangerous exposure, many times without our knowledge. The entry of smart devices (Internet of Things (IoT)) obviously takes this fragility to yet another level as these “things” could generate private data that could be exposed and potentially bring along more serious threats than just privacy issues.

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Sat 12th April, 2014 - My Eexperiences as an Entrepreneur - K Vaitheeswaran, Founder & CEO of Indiaplaza

Turned out to be an engaging private conversation between a veteran celebrity entrepreneur and an audience full of curiosity. Great nuggets of learning mined from many years of blood, sweat and tears - a.k.a. entrepreneurship. Key quotes - “Be Stupid and Don't be afraid to dream”, “You will never find out if a business succeeds unless you try it” and “Only the business fails, not the entrepreneurs that built it”.

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Sun 6th April, 2014 - IOT unPlugged@Lounge47 - Workshop by Jayakumar Balasubramanian, Syed Adil and Ipsit Kumar, Emertxe

The Emertxe team got on to demonstrate how their boards can be programmed to implement some simple every day logic to make gadgets useful around the home. The discussion that followed addressed how these board functions and uses can be expanded, and also how these gadgets could fit into the cloud, and managed from there.

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Sat 5th April, 2014 - Transform as you go - Rohit Nair - cofounder, QuizWorks

“Transform As You Go” offered deep insights into the transformation of a Startup as it grew in revenue by 4000%. The journey of QuizWorks involved re-framing product and re-addressing new target customers. The key takeaway - Startups need to stay agile in reacting to changing paradigms while they tweak approach and pivot until they strike gold. All throughout this period of elation and despair, so typical of a Startup journey, they need to stay true to what they do best – in this case, it was their core product.

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Sat 29th March, 2014 - How to Acquire Customers Online - Mohit Doda, Associate Vice President, Zoffio.com

Played to a capacity crowd with a chockfull of popular digital marketing and sales techniques, Key takeaways from this meeting were 1. Getting your Product right first is most important and could sell itself virally with the right marketing techniques and 2. An entrepreneur should also plan to Launch-Measure-Refine and Re-launch digital marketing programs to get them right.

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Sat 22nd March, 2014 - Entrepreneurship – A Pursuit of the Disciplined - Mukund Mohan, Director, Microsoft Ventures

An oversubscribed session, our speaker shared many stories about his life as an entrepreneur which was both entertaining as well as insightful. His key message – in the dog-eat-dog world of entrepreneurs and Startups it is only the disciplined that survive.

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Sat March 15, 2014 -"How to make your business plan crisp" - Nandini Vaidyanathan, Founder, CARMa

An interactive session that taught young entrepreneurs how to start developing a business plan using a step-by-step approach and address common initial challenges.

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March 8, 2014 - "Tracing the evolution - Open Source and Embedded Systems" - Jayakumar Balasubramanian - Director, Emertxe

This presentation traced the evolution of Open Source and its relevance to Embedded systems. It highlighted the most popular tools used by the Open Source community and shared some tips on how to build embedded devices by leveraging the power of this paradigm. The discussions also dealt with Intellectual property issues and their relevance to entrepreuneurs.

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Sat March 1, 2014 - "Vivint Wireless - De-risking a new venture & building a better ISP" - Luke Langford, COO, Vivint wireless, USA

The differences between risk-taking and risk-mitigation are often ignored. This presentation addressed how most entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to this aspect, and how risk-mitigation is key to managing Startup variables. Case studies of an online education Startup that failed and risk management tools used at a rapidly expanding US startup (Vivint Wireless) were presented in this interactive session.

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Sat, Feb 22, 2014 - Building Creative Communities" - Daniel Oxenhandler

This presentaton taught the science of {Connecting + Learning + Sharing + Creating}; the power of explaining the “why” first to people rather than the “how” or “what” when building communities around your idea, product or vision. The interactive part of the session had participants “colliding” with each other, a new experimental technique - getting to know people in the room at a deeper level by understanding their skills and knowledge and finding out how they could support each other attain their aspirations. An interesting and enjoyable session!

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Sun, Feb 23, 2014 - "IOT unPlugged@Lounge47 - Wisense Platform Demo by Arvind Padmanabhan and Ram Krishnan

This was an introduction to IoT. The presentation and discussion addressed all parts of the IoT landscape and the demo that followed gave participants an insight into WiSense and its platform.

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Sat, Feb 15, 2014 - "Building Product - What it takes to be world class" - Vishwas Mudagal

With our speaker sharing his personal experiences, this turned out to be more of a motivational presentation to a fully packed audience of mostly young and potential entrepreneurs.

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Sat, Feb 8, 2014 - "From Idea to Funding” - Prof. Shivananda Koteshwar

A packed audience received many unfiltered truths about the funding journey and the hard realities that entrepreneurs must come to terms with. Key Takeaway - No matter how good the market, product, or entrepreneur, money fuels both idea and scale and many wonderful Startups shut down as cash flow runs dry. Understanding the technicalities of funding and getting the right advice is key to avoiding costly mistakes.

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Sat, Feb 1, 2014 - "A Novice's Experiment with Affordable Healthcare” - Dr. V Renganathan, Co-founder, Vaatsalya Healthcare Solutions

We learnt how frugal innovation and focused problem solving was used to successfully deliver medical care to Indian families living in non-metropolitan locations with income levels of INR 36K-120K/year.

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Sat, Jan 25, 2014 - Trends: The Unwired Home - Yuvraj Tomar, Thinqbot Technologies

Trends and futures of smart home technology was the focus of the presentation - and this drove some nice discussion with a large crowd of entrepreneurs looking to build solutions to leverage this newly emerging market.

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Sat, Jan 18, 2014 - Understanding Bitcoin - Benson Samuel

Seeking to explore beyond the enigma, we had an engaged audience asking questions to get to the heart of the technology, the cuurency, its future and its uses. It helped to have several noted members of the Bitcoin community in the audience.

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Sat, Jan 11, 2014 - Ensuring startup success through cross border entrepreuneurship - Prof. Shivaram Malavalli

Prof. Malavalli left entrepreneurs with some key takaways – think big, think product and focus on building cross border teams to grow global startups.

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Sat, Jan 4, 2014 - Design Mindset - How to apply to startup thinking? - Francis Xavier, Founder & Principal, Vizen Design

The audience loved the mini-workshop following the presentation - this presentation cemented the understanding of design, and its integration into the entrepreneurial mindset, which becomes an increasingly important dimension as many a product are forced to compete at a global level, even to remain a viable business.

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Sat, Dec 28, 2013 - A 9-TO-5-job or Startup-job - What is right for me? - Khamir Bhatia, Founder & CEO, Trotez

The presentation engaged a room full of entrepreneurs with the speaker's journey and experiences through the challenging landscape of the Startup world. Why entrepreneurship needs to be a full time pursuit, the dedication, hope and passion that one needs to have - was well captured in this presentation.

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Sat, Dec 21, 2013 - How to create a lovable & scalable organization - Muki Regunathan, Founder & CEO, pepper square

The presentation led to interesting insights into how to create a lovable and scalable organization. Key takeaways - identify the person within, operate with passion and work towards building an organization where the team executes your vision. Build one unit of your company that you then replicate to scale.

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Sat, Dec 14, 2013 - The Internet of Things - Dr. Raghunath Govindachari, VP of Research & Innovation, Mindtree

This presentation drew a large crowd of both young and experienced gadget enthusiasts. The talk and discussion that followed helped us all better understand the scale and scope of IOT, what is to come, the players that are latched in, some of the challenges, thus helping participants get to the next level with their ideas, projects and startups.

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Sat, Dec 7, 2013 - Emerging Trends in Medical Gadgetry - Giriraju Sakappa, Sr. Manager, Siemens

This presentation drew Medical Gadget enthusiasts from all over the city. The discussion that followed centered around the readiness of the Indian market for innovative medical devices, solving rural healthcare issues and the challenges that businesses face when addressing these needs. Some areas for innovation were also discussed - from training village based care providers to simplifying gadgets to solving rural healthcare issues.

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Sat, Nov 30, 2013 - Wireless Technologies: Emerging Trends and Challenges - R. Ambedkar, CEO, Nigus

This presentaion centered on Wireless technologies and its potential uses, pitfalls, hazards and futures in the new age, where everything is either relevantly connected, or will soon be.

Sat, Nov 23, 2013 - Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Pieces of the Puzzle - Dr. Simon Towers, VP, Center of Innovation, Infosys

Dr. Towers shared his experiences from Oxford, several Bay area companies, and highlighted the 7 step mantra for successful startups of today. augmented through his journeys at Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Adobe, and Infosys.

Sat, Nov 16, 2013 - Calling all TV Enthusiasts to Lab247 - Bangalore Smart TV software companies

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