Yuvraj Tomar – Thinqbot Technologies – Matrix Partners

Yuvraj Tomar – Thinqbot Technologies – Matrix Partners

Yuvraj Tomar is seen presenting Thinqbot Technologies – that provides a Wireless RetroFit Home Automation solution. Yuvraj was amongst 9 other founders that pitched their Startups this morning at the Connecting Ideas With Money session @Lounge47

Thinqbot was founded 3 years ago. Today Thinqbot offes two solutions to consumers Pan India:

1) ATOM: Stand alone Wi-fi enabled smart device priced at less than Rs,10,000 which can easily fit behind any switch board. Single Atom allows users control within the home and remotely, for up-to 8 devices. It can perform actions such as ON/OFF, Dimming and HVAC Control.

2) NEWTON: A Gateway solution, that acts as a Central Nervous System for any brick and mortar home. Built on 6LowPan technology it allows inter-operation with a host of sensors, IR Blasters etc. It also provides Energy Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence to help users live a smart Life.

Newton can also double up as a media server and act as an inter-operable platform for all IOT brands built on multiple radio protocols.

The Startup has won other accolades.

1) Founder was on the FORBES-30 under 30 Consumer Tech list
2) Audience Choice Award 2016 at Honk-Kong( IOT Summit)
3) HOMES Magazine award – Company of the year 2015
4) PATENT Published in US in the year 2016 July

Thinqbot was part of the Make In India campaign present at CeBit Germany, 2016. They currently partner with both Indian and global brands and are helping enrich the Indian IOT Ecosystem.