Agragesh Ramani – Acrannolife Genomics – Lead Angels

Agragesh Ramani – Acrannolife Genomics – Lead Angels

Agragesh Ramani is seen pitching Acrannolife Genomics – a Chennai-based Clinical Genomics Technology Startup. The team is building solutions that enable affordable, point-of-care pharmacogenomics and genomic diagnostics tests. A range of services are offered – consumer genetics right up to liquid biopsies for sophisticated medical treatment. The Startup has its own Integrated Genomics Laboratory.

The key focus of the Startup is to serve the needs of Healthcare, Pharma and the Govt / Public healthcare system through personalized medicines. It is partially funded by the Government of Tamilnadu as well as DST, Government of India.

The company started with the vision to be a one-stop solution in the Healthcare space.

Founder Avinash Ramani is the “brains behind the organization” with research experience – 6 years in IIT, MIT and Anna University. The concept of low cost scalable Genomic-testing was born while pursuing his PhD at IIT Chennai and furthered with grants that came through.

Agragesh on the other hand, is from IMT Ghaziabad and has had past startup experience.