Aman Gupta – YourMarch – Lead Angels

Aman Gupta – YourMarch – Lead Angels


Aman Gupta is seen pitching YourMarch – an online platform which empowers voters to influence politics and government policies along with fellow voters while using game mechanics to encourage and reward participation.

For Users, YourMarch is a civic social network, which lets people who care about issues and politics, engage in civic discussion and debate and empower them to influence politics and government policies.

For Customers, YourMarch is a business-intelligence platform which can provide ‘sentiment, predictive and statistical analysis’ by locality and convert data into meaningful insights which can be used for various SaaS or Consumer Web Based solutions.

YourMarch is co-founded by Aman Gupta and Himanshu Tamrakar. They are both computer science graduates from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, with two years of experience as Software Engineers at OpenText, Hyderabad.

YourMarch’s vision is to create a platform where the Government and the people can work together on the issues and policies impacting lives.