Dr. Arvind Badrinarayanan & Sumukh Mysore – Muse Diagnostics – CIO Angel Network

Dr. Arvind Badrinarayanan & Sumukh Mysore – Muse Diagnostics – CIO Angel Network

Founders Dr. Arvind Badrinarayanan and Sumukh Mysore are seen pitching their Startup – Muse Diagnostics – a medical device design and manufacturing Startup whose first product is Taal. Taal aims to usher in the digital future of the stethoscope that uses body sound analytics through a smartphone.

The vision of this Startup is to “make healthcare affordable, intelligent, data driven and accessible”.

The team has diverse skills and interests and includes veterinarians, doctors, biotechnology researchers, lawyers, biomedical, mechanical and electronics engineers, product designers and data scientists. The Startup is set to master three key areas – hardware, software and wetware [chemistry and reagents that enable most diagnostic medical devices to function].

Arvind holds a BSc. in Integrative Biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a BVSc & AH. Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fishery Sciences University 2015 and a PGD Environmental Management, Indian Institute of Science, He has run a vet clinic [Zoa], serves as a director of an NGO [Project DEFY] and has written professionally for 14 years. He has also been involved with wildlife rescue work internationally.

His cofounder Sumukh Mysore, holds a B Tech from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology and has served as a technology scientist at C-CAMP within the National Center of Biological Sciences for four years where he picked up a variety of technical and business skills. He has secured two papers and published two patents. He has also worked in the music industry as a producer, lyricist and rapper for 12 years.

Megha Bhagat a founding team member holds an LLB from The Army Institute of Law and an LLM from the National Law School of India University. She is passionate about entrepreneurship for women and has served as an intrapreneur at the NASSCOM Foundation.