July 2017

Sousthav Chakrabarty & Gautam Reddy – Quotient Digital Solutions – Chennai Angels

Sousthav Chakrabarty and Gautam Reddy seen pitching their Startup – Quotient Digital Solutions [capitalquotient.com] – a personal-finance set of platforms built around a non-distribution and a planning-first approach armed with institution- grade research-backed curation of investment avenues, and a direct mode execution engine which generates un-biased and instant advice without an Equity or Mutual Fund […]

Krishnan Sethuraman – Geedesk – Chennai Angels

Krishnan Sethuraman seen pitching Chennai-based Geedesk – an intelligent web-based complaint and request management software for hotels and resorts. The Geedesk solution is currently being used by 10 hotels, 100+ employees and serving 1000+ guests. “During one of our business trips we realised that the services offered to guests was inconsistent. On asking around we […]

Sai Krishna Pallekonda & Priyatham Bollimpalli – GrabGo.in – Chennai Angels

Sai Krishna Pallekonda and Priyatham Bollimpalli seen pitching their Startup – GrabGo.in – a one-of-a-kind zero-inventory and zero-logistics hyperlocal marketplace that connects local stores and restaurants with users to ensure that people get whatever they want to order in the quickest possible time without having to wait for a delivery slot or experience delayed delivery. […]

Arjun Paul – Zoko.io – Chennai Angels

Founder Arjun Paul seen pitching Kerala-based Zoko.io – a web App that helps businesses jump revenue by also selling via messaging Apps like WhatsApp and Messenger @ Lounge47. “The Internet of India is not the Internet as we know it, it’s the messaging Apps like WhatsApp and Messenger!”, says Arjun. He was on an overnight […]

Kumar Saurabh & Kapil Agawal – Aroundz – Chennai Angels

Kumar Saurabh and Kapil Agawal are seen pitching their Startup Aroundz – a hyperlocal platform for sharing, discovering and intelligently collaborating with people nearby @ Lounge47. Aroundz allows you to – share stories in your local language and in realtime – discover what’s interesting – intelligently collaborate with people around you. This young Startup launched […]

Deepto Choudhury & Avik Das – Fleetferry – Chennai Angels

Deepto Choudhury and Avik Das seen pitching their Kolkatta-based early-stage Startup – Fleetferry – a technology powered platform for business entities to access reliable and traceable logistics services. “We aim to simplify shipping by connecting fleet owners to the end customers,” says Deepto. “We support fleet owners with increased business while maximizing their fleet utiliza […]

Vedant Agarwal & Shivangi Agarwal – Voggle – Chennai Angels

Founders Vedant and Shivangi Agarwal seen pitching their Startup Voggle [www.voggle.co] – a marketplace for entertainment & fashion freelancers. Voggle helps discover and hire entertainment talent (actors, models..). This young team brings a unique combination of fashion and tech together. Vedant is a computer Science graduate from NIT Durgapur, a mobile and web developer and […]

Chennai Angels – Sandhya Subramanyam

Sandhya Subramanyam is a Director of Ehrlich Laboratory Private Limited, a leading diagnostic center in Chennai. Founded in 1938, Ehrlich is the oldest private laboratory in the country today, offering advanced path lab testing in addition to associated diagnostics in cardiology, radiology/ sonology, etc. Sandhya currently oversees new projects, including the latest Home Health services […]

Ajay Padhy – Apoyo – Connecting Ideas With Money

Ajay Padhy pitching Odisha-based Apoyo – that brings diagnostics/healthcare to the customer’s door step at an affordable cost. “We are the Practo and Portea of Odisha”, says Ajay. The Startup claims to have fulfilled 1000 orders last month and has catered to 5000 customers to date.