September 2017

Nijil – Mashinga Memo – Exfinity Venture Partners

Bangalore-based Mashinga Memo is a SAAS- based solution – an “intelligent Meeting Assistant that makes team meetings productive and structured, tracks and follows-up tasks, shares screen over WiFi & serves as a ‘Voice Assistant’.” “More than half of business meetings are considered non-productive. Memo helps save time and uncertainty by bringing clarity, transparency and accountability to measure […]

Hemamali Gorthi & Sreenivas Karanam – TrakRay – Exfinity Venture Partners

TrakRay Innovations is a Bangalore-based Startup “developing precise indoor location tracking technology. The vision is to provide world class solutions for Location Of Things in the ever growing IoT market space.” Founders Hemamali Gorthi and Sreenivas Karanam graduated with a B.E from NITs and have 35+ years of combined work experience. They have worked at […]

Jaichander Ramesh – Sarcon – Exfinity Venture Partners

Jaichander Ramesh seen pitching – Sarcon ( – a cutting edge event app platform with a mission to make events more intelligent. “We are going after the ~$60 billion/yr event tech market,” says Jaichander. Sarcon is a NASSCOM 10K company founded by ex Intel, Oracle and Kellog employees. Sarcon not only creates event apps for […]

Sharad & Preeti Javeri – Kidstiffin – Exfinity Venture Partners

Kidstiffin is a foodtech Startup that supplies “healthy delicious vegetarian meals to school children and school staff.” It is Bangalore-based and a venture of Sivanta Software PvT Ltd. “Our platform specializes in kids meals. We take care of all the food catering requirement of schools- bulk meals to schools, individual lunch box delivery, canteen supplies, […]

Vijender Singh & Pradeep Kumar HK – eNextCloud Solutions – Exfinity Venture Partners

eNextCloud Solutions builds simple and affordable cloud based SaaS solutions for SMBs, Automotive and associated industries. Founders Vijender Singh and Pradeep Kumar HK seen pitching their Startup. During the product launch, the young Startup received “incredible feedback” and saw customers vote with their wallets – customers switched to the eNextCloud Solution platform. “Bosch India has also […]

Deepto Choudhury – FleetFerry – Exfinity Venture Partners

Kolkatta-based Fleetferry is a “technology empowered platform for business entities to access reliable and traceable Logistics services at a price that saves 10%. It further supports fleet owners with increased business while maximizing fleet utilization.” FounderDeepto Choudhury is seen here pitching their Startup. Deepto is a graduate from IIM Kozhikode and holds a B.E. from […]

Sindhu Kolli & Abhinav Reddy – Ezq – Indian Angel Network

Sindhu Kolli & Abhinav Reddy are seen pitching Hyderabad-based Ezq – a platform of Askers, Answerers and Routers – that solve problems for people and earn a micro commission. “On day 1, a friend of mine doing her Masters in the US posted some doubt in her thesis project on Ezq. I routed it to […]

Ankit Raj – Nakshi – Indian Angel Network

Ankit Raj is seen pitching Nakshi – an ecommerce Startup for Art & Fashion that offers handmade, artistic, designer, vintage and unique creations. Website: Nakshi was formed when the founders failed to promote Indian artists with London Galleries & Auction Houses. They went on to build a community to better understand and then help […]

Mallikarjun Krishna & Madhusudan Rao – – Indian Angel Network

Mallikarjun Krishna and Madhusudan Rao pitching – a ONE price marketplace where selling or buying happens for Rs.500. The Startup focuses on products for women and everyday services. was started over a casual discussion between the friends at a beer party. “We wanted to bring in a platform where price variation should not be a concern […]

Ajay Padhy – GetApoyo – Indian Angel Network

Ajay Padhy pitching Odisha-based Apoyo – the practo/portea of Odisha. Website: “Did you know that on average 7.1% of Indians suffer from Diabetes and in Odisha it is as high as 10%,” says Ajay. “In many cases we find due to busy lifestyle, people do not get time to go for a check up […]