Ankit Raj – Nakshi – Indian Angel Network

Ankit Raj – Nakshi – Indian Angel Network

Ankit Raj is seen pitching Nakshi – an ecommerce Startup for Art & Fashion that offers handmade, artistic, designer, vintage and unique creations.


Nakshi was formed when the founders failed to promote Indian artists with London

Galleries & Auction Houses. They went on to build a community to better understand and then help with the problems faced by the artist community.

“We are solving the problem of the hefty fee charged by middleman and art galleries to the visual Artist community by bringing them online so that they can be a part of the e-com revolution,” says Ankit. “We don’t charge anything to the artists for exhibiting their work on our platform and we sell printed reproductions and merchandise so it helps generate a constant flow of income to the artist in the form of royalty.”

Ankit is a startup enthusiast and has 5+ years of experience (HelpTap and Meesho). He describes himself as an Operations and Product Champion. His cofounder Rahul Ithape is an IT (SAP) professional with 15+ years of experience (IBM, Accenture, Tata) and an art enthusiast.