Vaibhav Agarwal – Locio – Indian Angel Network

Vaibhav Agarwal – Locio – Indian Angel Network

Vaibhav agarwal is seen pitching at the Connecting Ideas With Money seesion this morning. His Startup is Locio – a “private and secure networking platform in your neighbourhood.” Ekta Jalan is the other cofounder.

Locio was founded to solve their personal problem – they found it hard to get accustomed to a new city and a new neighborhood. It first started off as a pet project and as the founders gained an understanding for the complexity, opportunity and need, they decided to solve this problem thoroughly. And so, Locio was born.




Vaibhav holds an M.Tech & B.Tech from IIT Delhi. He has 3+yrs of experience in Marketing (Ecommerce), Data science, Technology and Engineering.

Ekta holds a Masters in Economics, Delhi School of Economics. She has 3+ yrs of experience in Banking, Finance, Credit Risk assessment, Analytics & Predictive Modelling as well as Real Estate.