Nijil – Mashinga Memo – Exfinity Venture Partners

Nijil – Mashinga Memo – Exfinity Venture Partners

Bangalore-based Mashinga Memo is a SAAS- based solution – an “intelligent Meeting Assistant that makes team meetings productive and structured, tracks and follows-up tasks, shares screen over WiFi & serves as a ‘Voice Assistant’.”

“More than half of business meetings are considered non-productive. Memo helps save time and uncertainty by bringing clarity, transparency and accountability to measure the effectiveness of meetings,” says Nigil. “Our solution focuses on automating meetings, effectively tracking tasks and doing follow-ups easily. We are also integrating voice-based assistant which is very unique to our solution. We also integrate with existing task managers, auto generate minutes manage all past meeting data.”

Mashinga has three cofounders – Nijil, Nidal and Sreekumar – who were in college together and have known each other for the past 9 years. While Nijil takes care of Sales, Funding and Growth, Sreekumar focuses on Design and Product and Nidal takes care of Technology.

This is not their first Startup together. They launched a hardware startup that produced a multi-touch surface table but had to pivot because of scaleability challenges and production economics.

Mashing Memo has three other team members.