October 2017

Vagaram Chowdhary – Inuvest – Kae Capital

Vagaram Chowdhary is seen pitching Fintech Startup Inuvest – a social trading platform which connects individual retail investors to professional traders and automated robotic trading strategies using algorithms. https://www.f6s.com/inuvest “Our proprietary tool takes the pain of coding away from expert traders and simplifies the algorithmic trading for everyday investors. We create transparent opportunities for both […]

Ritesh Attur – Zivogue – Kae Capital

Ritesh Attur seen pitching Zivogue.com –an e-commerce platform for Fashion designers, Fashion bloggers and Fashion users where the Designers create the products, the bloggers help in showcasing them with their reach and the users gets the latest fashion updates from the designers and bloggers they follow. “When we started out with Zivogue, we just wanted […]

Giridhar Raju – Apeiron Mobility – Kae Capital

Giridhar Raju is seen pitching Apeiron Mobility – a Startup that is building “an electric cargo bike specifically meant for last-mile delivery businesses, to enable them to save up to 30% on their delivery costs while making deliveries delightful for the pilots.” Giridhar is an Automotive Engineer and has 12 years work experience with Tata […]

Krishna Reddy – Dhivi Express – Kae Capital

Krishna Reddy is seen pitching Dhivi Express – an AI-driven neighborhood network of delivery personnel that offers the advantages of an elastic workforce to ecommerce companies. The startup offers gigs to students, job seekers and delivery personnel in the neighborhood whenever they have time and feel the need to earn some additional income. Krishna holds […]

Debasish Padhy – Trupublic – Kae Capital

Debasish Padhy is seen pitching Pune-based Trupublic – ” a mega mobile app host for commoditized dynamic apps (one mega app for all dynamic apps) built through its builder tool to help connect SMEs with customers and other businesses” Website: www.trupublic.com Founder Debashish is the Director, Chief architect and lead developer at the Startup. He […]

Rakesh Ranjan – Zigfo – Kae Capital

Rakesh Ranjan is seen pitching Zigfo – an ecommerce startup that enables customization of designer garments. It is also working on technologies like image sensing for custom design and image processing for auto-measurement to improve fit. “Zigfo wants to become the world’s leading online custom made clothing provider,” says Rakesh. “Many of us are not […]

Shivaraj Ramgiri – Appnings – Kae Capital

Founder Shivaraj Ramgiri seen pitching his startup Appnings – that is developing two products Educonnect – a SaaS Platform with mobile application that brings teachers, parents and management onto a single platform. VRappnings – a platform that will provide educational institutes with access to VR content. His vision is to change the way we educate […]

Padmanabhan – Unobridge – Kae Capital

MD Padmanabhan pitching Unobridge – an online platform for all event needs. “It started with a team of two and has now grown to a team of fifteen, with 250+ successful events in 1.5 years and plans to expand in 9+ cities. The website “unobridge.com” now has 33867+ visitors every month. We have 10284+ vendors in […]

Suhail Pothigara – Poly9 Software – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

Suhail Pothigara pitched his Startup Poly9 Software – that “is a first ever realistic 3D platform for manufacturers that reduces time and investment from design to finalizing order”. “Poly9’s proprietary 3D technology shows product designs just like they look in person with Hollywood level graphics powered from the cloud. Poly9 works in any modern browser […]

Safeer Usman – Klik Analytics – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

Safeer Usman seen pitching Klik Analytics that aims to revolutionize the Retail industry through real-time KPI’s by aggregating and generating usable customer data. “Klik Analytics aims to be the de facto standard platform that retailers use to measure and improve the in-store experience a customer has in the age-old brick and mortar stores. We believe […]