Luvnit Sawhney – Hotsauce – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

Luvnit Sawhney – Hotsauce – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

Luvnit Sawhney is seen here pitching Hotsauce – an App Startup, that allows customers at restaurants to order food and drink from their Smartphones straight to their table. Hotsauce is currently working with 12 restaurants and 1 hotel to make this service available and aims to revolutionize the casual dining industry.

“Have you ever been in a restaurant waiting to be served or frustrated that you have to go up to a service desk to order your meal? Well, with the Hotsauce App there are no more queues, no more waiting for service or the bill, and no more interruptions as you and your friends order at the bar,” says Luvnit.

Luvnit and his cofounder Varoon Behramsha are childhood friends that have got together to build this Startup and have seasoned entrepreneurs Rajnish Kapoor and Sashi Kumar as advisors.

Luvnit has shown sparks of entrepreneurship at an early age – convincing his school principal to fund a full scale solar car and starting an online fashion brand from his college dorm. He has some work experience having worked with iRobot, ITC Foods Division and Duron Energy.

Varoon who serves as the CTO, was a senior software engineer at NexvisionIX and has built about 4 Apps. The skills he developed at NexvisionIX helped him build the backend architecture and mobile App for Hotsauce.