Krishna Reddy – Dhivi Express – Kae Capital

Krishna Reddy – Dhivi Express – Kae Capital

Krishna Reddy is seen pitching Dhivi Express – an AI-driven neighborhood network of delivery personnel that offers the advantages of an elastic workforce to ecommerce companies.

The startup offers gigs to students, job seekers and delivery personnel in the neighborhood whenever they have time and feel the need to earn some additional income.

Krishna holds a B-tech from Nagarjuna University and has 6 years work experience in IT and Marketing with TCS and Infosys.

His cofounder Anji Reddy A holds a B-tech from JNTU Anantapur and has 5 years of work experience in IT at Infosys.

Both founders have been classmates and best friends for the last 12 years. They started the venture with adhoc courier pickups. When they realized the potential of a growing ecommerce sector, they decided to add technology to the equation. Now they help ecommerce companies fulfill deliveries.