Vagaram Chowdhary – Inuvest – Kae Capital

Vagaram Chowdhary – Inuvest – Kae Capital

Vagaram Chowdhary is seen pitching Fintech Startup Inuvest – a social trading platform which connects individual retail investors to professional traders and automated robotic trading strategies using algorithms.

“Our proprietary tool takes the pain of coding away from expert traders and simplifies the algorithmic trading for everyday investors. We create transparent opportunities for both traders and retail investors, free from boundaries of traditional trading. Our mission is to democratize technical trading and to connect retail investors to the expertise of professional traders,” says Vagaram.

Vagaram holds an MBA and has served as a Chartered Accountant, entrepreneur and finance professional for over 8 years. Cofounder Deepak Kaushal who is the CTO, has worked as an engineer, programmer and software developer for 6 years. The third cofounder is Shervin Shahidi who serves as the CMO. He holds an MBA and has specialized in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship over the last 10 years

The founders started Inuvest during their MBA program at IE Business School in Madrid.

Their combined skills and expertise in trading, software engineering, Marketing and Strategy coupled with professional experience sets this team up perfectly to develop Inuvest.  “We are truly driven by our passion to democratize trading for retail investors, like us,” concludes Vagaram.