October 2017

Pramod Varghese – Ubikwites – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

At the Connected Ideas With Money session this morning, Pramod Varghese pitched Ubikwites – a Mysore-based Startup that provides tech-driven global Marketing, Sales and Export Management services. “Majority of Indian manufacturers of engineering goods, organic chemicals and Biotechnology products (sectors the startup is currently focussing on) – either struggle or never go out to sell […]

Luvnit Sawhney – Hotsauce – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

Luvnit Sawhney is seen here pitching Hotsauce – an App Startup, that allows customers at restaurants to order food and drink from their Smartphones straight to their table. Hotsauce is currently working with 12 restaurants and 1 hotel to make this service available and aims to revolutionize the casual dining industry. “Have you ever been […]

Taranbir Sahni – VSnapu – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

Taranbir Sahni is seen pitching VsnapU [vsnapu.com] – an online aggregator of photographers. Founder Parminder Sahni calls it the “uber for photographers”. It started off with a pilot in Munnar to validate the idea. Contrary to what one would assume that people on holiday want their privacy, Parminder found that converting tourists into customers was […]

Veer Shubhranshu Shrivastav – Tech Talks India – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

Veer Shubhranshu Shrivastav is seen pitching Tech Talks India – an Edtech Startup that is “bridging the gap between Engineering graduates and employers through education, assessment and Hiring.” “Engineering students aspiring for a bright future in software industry often come across various challenges during campus placements due to the lack of required technical skillset,” says Veer. […]

Thennavan Elancheral – Dowhistle – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

Thennavan Elancheral pitching Cupertino-based Dowhistle – an API-based hyper-local tweet platform to connect ‘haves’ and ‘needs’ on the go. The founders are Raja Appachi and Karthik. Both Founders are from Nandha Engineering College. While Raja holds a B.Sc Maths, MCA, Karthik holds a BCA, MCA. Raja has worked with Netflix and Sprint, while Karthik has […]

Sunil Jain – Sprout Venture Partners Fund

    At the ‘Connecting Ideas With Money’ session @ Lounge47 this morning, Sunil Jain of Sprout Venture Partners Fund is seen giving entrepreneurs feedback at the end of the session. He made a couple of points: Founders should introduce their teams at the beginning of the presentation. Investors are keen to know upfront ‘who’ […]