Deepak Mishra – – Matrix Partners

Deepak Mishra – – Matrix Partners

@ the Connecting Ideas With Money session Deepak Mishra is seen pitching – an intelligent platform for Micro, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises with the aim to provide Adequate, Affordable & Appropriate Finance.

The Aagey solution aims to include

  1. Reach to Tier II & III cities through digital platform
  2. 2. Access to multiple financiers
  3. Documentation identification of product & financier Financial Institutions
  4. Uniformity in Credit Buying for a given profile & geography
  5. Algorithm & Machine Learning to connect financial & non-financial data for meaningful conclusion

The team:

Deepak Mishra :  A Chartered Accountant with over 12 years of experience in Banking & Finance and Rating Agency

Vinod CB : A CFA with over 14 years of experience in Risk Management and Advanced Analytics for the BFSI.

Akaash Shankar : MBA & MDP from IIM-L. Overall 15 years experience in Banking. Expertise in Assets, Liabilities & Transactional banking across South, West & Eastern India.

Ramkumar T : Accomplished Financial Consultant for over 20 years and exposed to large corporates and fortune 500  companies under Asset Leasing Product.