Amit Pawani – Fin-School – Ideaspring Capital

Amit Pawani – Fin-School – Ideaspring Capital

Founder Amit Pawani pitching Fin-School – an App that crunches data and serves as a tool for traders like Retail Traders, Investment Advisors, Merchant Bankers and Underwriters and others connected to Capital Markets.

“The proportion of retail investors in India’s equities markets is strikingly low. Less than 3.5% of the population (approx. 40 Million) invests in securities, compared with almost 10% (approx. 140m) in China and 45% in the U.S (approx. 83 m). Just 2% of India’s household savings are exposed to equity. In the U.S., the long-term average is 45%,” says Amit.

Amit explains that the startup team is composed of data scientists that crunch “large data sets from capital markets, simplifies the data and makes its easily usable by people connected with Capital Markets.

App Demo:

Amit is a CA and a “hard core Mathematician“. He is a technical analyst of Stock Markets and also codes ( C++,VB,Java, etc). He also trains/coaches in financial subjects and technical analysis.

His cofounder Shri Nitin Mittal who has been an entrepreneur since 2000 is a sub-broker for more than 10 years, he has 15+ years of experience in stock markets as a trader, stock broker.

The App has seen 4500 downloads.