Deepak Singh Kashyap – Pi Revolution – Ideaspring Capital

Deepak Singh Kashyap – Pi Revolution – Ideaspring Capital

Team member Deepak Singh Kashyap is seen pitching Pi Revolution – a startup that aims to disrupt the retail store customer experience through enabling smart environments.


“We believe in doing things differently rather than doing incrementally better” Is the mantra that stamps this Startup team.

The Startup is aiming to solve the following in-store problems:
– Long billing queues
– Complex in store operations
– Lack of automation
– Huge competition from E-commerce
– Difficulty to locate products
– Long hours for Inventory checks

Their first product QLEZ is an integrated software and hardware platform which automates the major operations inside a retail store by offering smart in-store customer experience that the Startup claims increases sales and increases profit margins.

Their B2B offering targets retail owners and consists of following benefits:

1. Automated billing process with simple 3 touch billing feature
2. Real time Inventory Management from warehouse to In-store inventory
3. Smart user experience booths for Product comparisons, reviews and information.

The whole pack revitalizes an old conventional store into a smart store.

Their team is composed of hardware experts and application developers. The Startup claims that it has developed their own cottonwood RFID readers 50% cheaper than those available in the market.