Jayesh Rajpurohit – Brick&Bolt – CIO Angel Network

Jayesh Rajpurohit – Brick&Bolt – CIO Angel Network

Jayesh Rajpurohit is seen pitching Brick&Bolt – an online platform that aggregates construction and renovation professionals and enables them with tools to take complete ownership of the work and payment schedule as well as quality delivery.

Website : www.bricknbolt.com

This young Startup holds that construction and renovation jobs are typically big ticket items where the customer expects complete trust. They would therefore like to go beyond just being an aggregator to fixing the whole ecosystem with the following propositions:

1) Provide 2-3 verified & suitable contractors for a job

2) Enable Online Contracts – Forms capture all the requirements for a specific job consisting of specification, materials, quality standards, work schedules, payment schedules and legal clauses. The Startup ensures transparency and makes the contract visible to customer, contractor and Brick&Bolt on respective Apps. Customers have the ability to compare contracts and pick the most suitable contractor.

3) Software and processes that track the project using the online contract.

4) Escrow account facilities – On completion of a project milestone, customers transfer an amount to Bricknbolt that is then released to the contractor on successful completion of the milestone.

5) Guarantee – Bricknbolt ensures that work is being done as per contract terms and conditions.

Brick&Bolt aims to be the ‘buddy’ of the customer and ensure oversight of a project just like the customer would.

Founders :

Jayesh Rajpurohit holds s B.Tech (Civil), IIT Roorkee and 15 years experience designing and developing distributed & scalable systems. He has worked with SAP Ariba, bwin, Verisign and other companies.

Arpit Rajpruohit holds s B.Tech.(Comp Sci), VIT-Vellore and 5 years experience in designing & developing Apps. He has worked with Ola, Amazon and Deloitte.