Dr. Vivek Mansingh & Satish Mugulavalli – YourNest – 6th Jan

Dr. Vivek Mansingh & Satish Mugulavalli – YourNest – 6th Jan

At the end of the session, guests Dr. Vivek Mansingh  and Satish Mugulavalli , YourNest provided feedback to the Startups that pitched. Dr. Mansingh (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vND8hCh9X4A ) is a General Partner at YourNest while Mr. Mugulavalli is a member of the YourNest leadership team.

Here are their comments:

1.Keep information on slides to a minimum for the first pitch. 6 slides, no more.

2.When there is too much information it could confuse investors, leaving them with the impression that the startup is still not clear.

3.The objective of the first pitch is to give just enough information to investors so they are able to assess if the Startup lies in “their sphere of interest”. An entrepreneurs, aim should be to get the next meeting.

4.Use 20pt for fonts. This also helps reduce the number of words on each slide.

5.Practice a 60sec pitch, test it with family and friends. Then develop a 10 min version.

6.Work on the competition slide. Represent only “real” competition.