Lounge47 is based in Bangalore, but attracts Startups from all over India.

We are an entrepreneurial community of 8000+ entrepreneurs and our goal is to help all entrepreneurs (at any stage) realize their dreams of building great businesses.

Lounge47 was founded in 2013 by Sonal Kumar and Ramsesh Kalkunte

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Our FREE events and services

  1. Connecting Ideas With Money. Investor events. On-Location, Public.
  2. Validate My Idea or Startup. On Telephone. Private.
  3. Startup Clinics. On-location. Private.

Metrics – We have

  1. conducted 500+ startup events
  2. built an 8000+ entrepreneur community
  3. had a footfall of 19000+ attendees @Lounge47
  4. moderated 2600+ entrepreneur presentations
  5. hosted 80+ speakers
  6. mentored 300+ startups
  7. connected 200+ startups with investors

Lounge47  [www.lounge47.in]

Tel: +91-81-0510-0194