The ‘Bridge To Funding’ program helps Startups get ready for seed or angel rounds. It is designed to
build your MVP and/or Traction so you can successfully pitch an investor.

The starting point of this program is an assessment of the Startup, identification of gaps and a plan of action that is fast paced. Generally, the goal is to get a Startup pitching investors in about 6 weeks.

Some B2F program features:

  1. Funds to meet milestones
  2. Tailored for each startup
  3. Pace is defined upfront
  4. Startup selection based on potential to meet milestones on time
  5. It is free of cost to Startups
  6. Startup matched to right investor(s)

The first step is to register. If your Startup fits our criteria, we will invite you to a face-to-face meeting and identify next steps.



What is the goal of the B2F program?

The ‘Bridge to Funding’ program helps you get ready for seed or angel rounds.

Who is ineligible for this program?

Startups who are in the beginning or in the midst of their ideation should get to the point where there is some serious idea validation coupled with market validation before they qualify.

How long is the program?

This is really up to the Startup itself, but Lounge47 intends to get the Startup investment-ready as quickly as possible.

Does the Startup need to work @ Lounge47 premises?

No. Though you are welcome to. We don’t provide office space as part of this program, but Lounge47 facilities are available if that helps make progress.

Is the B2F program right for your Startup?

Yes, if you need funds for traction or if you need Marketing, Sales or Technology related help without the distraction and costs of hiring. The B2F program may also help you build your prototype, improve your Startup valuation and raise money faster.

How does the program work?

This program is customized to the needs of each Startup and Vertical. The program is designed around regular working sessions and tracks progress, in addition to making bridge funds available for your Startup.

Why is this offered now?

We have a toughening climate for investments and exits now. The need for rigour is understandably higher during these times.

Does this program replace the need for Angels/VCs?

No. We have a wide network of Angels and VC’s that we work with. If any Startup is already “Angel or VC ready”, we will connect them to these investors without charging any fees or equity, as we have done so far. The B2F program is intended for Startups that are not yet Angel- or VC-ready. This includes Startups that have pitched unsuccessfully.

Is the program free?

Yes, it is free to Startups, but we have a fee schedule for investors.

I need help developing my business plan. Will this program help?

Yes, this is part of getting your Startup investment ready.

How do I find out more?

You can register and ask a question, and we will be in touch. If you want to anonymously ask a question, the answer will be summarized here only if we feel it would be interesting to all.

How do I register?