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Chandrashekar Bhat & Vivek Shettar – Trashin Recycling – Ankur Capital

Chandrashekar Bhat and Vivek Shettar seen pitching Trashin Recycling – an internet platform that creates lean supply chains for recyclables; to divert maximum recyclables from landfill, empower waste pickers’ lives and in the process create jobs for marginalized communities. The Startup is currently focused on recycling low value plastics. They have established key partnerships, recycled […]

Ankit Manglik & Ramu Kallepalli – TravelSpice – Ankur Capital

Ankit Manglik and Ramu Kallepalli pitching TravelSpice – a web/mobile App that allows a customer decide the price of their hotel room, pay upfront and get a confirmed booking. Website: App download: “We target value conscious and flexible consumers (~ 10% of all hotel bookings). Hotels benefit because they can sell their […]

Lal krishna & Nagaraju – Fimo – Ankur Capital

Founders Lal Krishna and Nagaraju seen pitching Startup Fimo – a fitness App that helps people earn ‘Fimos’ proportionate to the calories they loose. “Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, but not all are fit, only less than 2% people are disciplined in their lives. The reason is simple, people are lazy and lose […]

Ankur Capital – Shreyansh Singal

At the Connecting Ideas With Money session held on the 18th of August, 6.30pm, Shreyansh Singhal, Ankur Capital is seen addresing the audience. 7 Startups pitched.

Sourabh Verma – Locomotion – Bessemer Venture Partners

Sourabh Verma pitching Locomotion – a Startup that produces online games. Locomotion Software Solutions was founded in 2011, released its first game HOKM as a hobby project for iOS. It is only since March 2017 that the Startup has started focussing on converting a hobby and a passion into a business. The Startup has released […]

Shubham Jain & Rishav Singh – Boriya Bistar – Bessemer Venture Partners

Shubham Jain and Rishav Singh seen pitching Boriya Bistar – an ecommerce company for household goods like bedding, utensils and cutlery targeting young migrants moving to the big cities. Website: Many youngsters move to big cities with dreams of a better life but find it a challenging experience. Boriya Bistar steps in to make moving […]

Jaichander Ramesh – Sarcon – Bessemer Venture Partners

Jaichander Ramesh seen pitching – Sarcon ( – a cutting edge event app platform with a mission to make events more intelligent. “We are going after the ~$60 billion/yr event tech market,” says Jaichander. Sarcon is a NASSCOM 10K company founded by ex Intel, Oracle and Kellog employees. Sarcon not only creates event apps for […]

Shiva Mahadi, Sreenivas Saba & Shashi Shekhar – – Bessemer Venture Partners

Shivadeep Mahadi and Shashi Tripathi pitching – – an online marketplace for all logistics solutions for domestics & International requirements. The team aims to provide the cheapest/fastest/best deals based on customer’s priorities. The Startup has three founders – Shiva Mahadi, Sreenivas Saba and Shashi Shekhar who have spent a good part of their working careers with […]

Sousthav Chakrabarty & Gautam Reddy – Quotient Digital – Bessemer Venture Partners

Sousthav Chakrabarty and Gautam Reddy seen pitching Quotient Digital – a personal finance platform. Quotient Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd was founded in 2016 and is a holding company for multiple technology-based platforms. It aims to raise awareness and spread the importance of financial planning so that people can take control of their own finances. It has […]