Investor Registration


We invite all investors who want to participate in building Startups.

Lounge47 was launched in November 2013 and serves a growing community of entrepreneurs. As part of building community, Lounge47 has provided expertise free-of-cost to help entrepreneurs build businesses. Our “Connecitng Ideas with Money” events bring the best entrepreneurs and Startups from all over India, face-to-face with the investment community (Angels and VCs).

We have designed many events and formats in our quest to get more Startups funded. Not only have we helped get them ready for the investment pitch, but also to execute and realize their vision.

Many young companies seek money to build traction before raising further rounds of investment. We have introduced the B2F Program where Lounge47 works closely with such early stage companies. Investors who register here will be connected to such B2F Startups. We have a free + premium fee model.

As always, investing is a major decision. If you are interested, please let us know and we will be in touch to get you more details.

Note that this does not obligate you in any way to invest nor will there will be any pressure to invest. We will treat your information to be confidential and will not release any information to anyone without your prior written consent. Lounge47 does not solicit any funds.