Sonal Kumar and Ramsesh Kalkunte, Lounge47 Founders.

September 2017.

In August 2013, we met a number of young entrepreneurs in Bangalore who were interested in working on Startups, but were new to the concepts of building products and businesses. It was great fun to share our experiences in building companies.

We then invited very energetic and articulate speakers to come join us. We hated boring discourses, so we structured it as talks about people’s journeys, the challenges and how they overcame them. Very interactive sessions yielded to problem solving sessions and workshops. The conversations evolved into TalkSaturday, 80 of which saw speakers young and old, entrepreneurs, technologists and corporate leaders share their story, expertise and life’s lessons with a room full of entrepreneurs. Lounge47 went on to create 500+ workshops and one-on-one sessions.

The setting was a villa somewhat equidistant from every place in the city- #47, Defence Colony – where an entrepreneur could just be themselves and would be among friends as they went about building their ideas. A friendly lounge – Lounge47.

By the numbers, what started off as a small group grew to be a community of over 8000 entrepreneurs. The energy, ideas and thoughts that entrepreneurs brought in had everyone entertained.

We figured that we would take no fees or equity in Startups. The fun and joy of working with entrepreneurs was the great payback. However, as some of our entrepreneurial community graduates into new territory, they have different needs and it is time for us to adapt. We did some of this in 2016 by creating many pitch events, but as funding becomes tight and exits become scarce, there is a need to roll up our sleeves, forget the armchair, and throw ourselves into the middle of the heat!

Lounge47 has always welcomed all kinds of entrepreneurs and will continue along this path. Providing free service will continue in our constant endeavor to help people understand the power of entrepreneurship – it is part of our DNA.

Come join us and support us as we set out to build great Startups all centered around energetic entrepreneurs in the most dynamic city in the world. Bangalore, or as it is called today, Bengaluru!