Mallikarjun K & Madhusudan Rao – Ekprice.com – Inventus Capital

  Mallikarjun K is seen pitching Ekprice.com – an ecommerce platform that provides customers with products and services priced at Rs. 500. “Our goal is to bring in all the services across the spectrum under one umbrella both online and offline”, Says Mallikarjun. Madhusudan Rao his cofounder has an MBA from Canara Bank School of […]

Sidharth Beckaya & Harish Ramasamy – HungryTripper – Inventus Capital

Sidharth Beckaya and Harish Ramasamy are seen pitching early-stage startup HungryTripper [www.hungrytripper.com] – an online platform for offbeat and experiential travel booking. The founders are avid travellers and have a combined experience of travelling across 15 countries including 300 little known locations in India. “We have done road trips crossing 50,000 Kms, eating everything from […]

Ram Tummala & Sunil Fonseca – Studentnext – Inventus Capital

Founders Ram Tummala and Sunil Fonseca are seen pitching Hyderabad-based Studentnext that connects students with universities around the world. The Startup provides test preparation, counseling services and access to relevant vendors, for students that are planning to pursue higher education abroad. The founders feel that students face challenges as they are dependent on consultants with […]

Inventus Capital – Parag Dhol

‘Connecting Ideas With Money’ in session with VC Parag Dhol , Inventus Capital addressing the room. 11 Startups pitched, 8 from Bangalore, one each from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Odisha. Intense session with each Startup receiving questions and feedback from Parag. Enjoyable session!

Dr. Arvind Badrinarayanan & Sumukh Mysore – Muse Diagnostics – CIO Angel Network

Founders Dr. Arvind Badrinarayanan and Sumukh Mysore are seen pitching their Startup – Muse Diagnostics – a medical device design and manufacturing Startup whose first product is Taal. Taal aims to usher in the digital future of the stethoscope that uses body sound analytics through a smartphone. The vision of this Startup is to “make […]

Siddharth Desai – Clean Slate – CIO Angel Network

Founder Siddharth Desai is seen pitching his Startup – Clean Slate – a platform inLocate that allows brick and mortar and digital businesses to accurately locate people and communicate with them indoors through their apps whether inside a retail store or a factory warehouse. InLocate is built on a proprietary technology which neither requires any […]

Mahboob & Irfan D – Zraya – CIO Angel Network

Founders Mahboob and Irfan D are seen pitching Bangalore-based Zraya – an ecommerce Startup selling customizable office furniture online. Zraya aims to become a one-stop source for personalized furniture working with modern materials and processed with sustainable materials, modern processes and localized manufacturing. The founders personally experienced difficulty furnishing their office. Both finding manufacturers and […]

Prashant Kumar & Rajan Sengar – VéWash – CIO Angel Network

Prashant Kumar and Rajan Sengar are seen pitching their Startup VéWash – an early-stage Suratkal-based online laundry Startup. The problem they are trying to solve is one where people especially students have no time and no place to wash, dry or iron their clothes and available options are expensive and slow. The Startup allows customers […]

Ashutosh & Basavaraj – BigLifeTech – CIO Angel Network

Founders Ashutosh and Basavaraj are seen pitching their early-stage Startup – Biglifetech – that has submits that they have developed an Edtech tablet that assists students with reading, note-taking, graphs and diagrams. The Startup is 5 months old and has its first product Stynote in beta testing. The team is a group of four students, […]

Kartikey Kashyap – Fostergem – CIO Angel Network

Founder Kartikey Kashyap is seen pitching Fostergem – a social network that aims to get you quality content matching your interests. The team believes that the platforms that exist are “noisy and too generic” and therefore believe that Fostergem can add value to peoples lives. The Startup is targeting Millennials, copious consumers of content. The […]