Kapil Chopra – Smart Marketing Tribe – Matrix Partners

Kapil Chopra seen pitching their Startup – Smart Marketing Tribe (SMT) – an Edtech Startup teaching Digital Marketing online. They were one among 9 Startups that pitched at the Connecting Ideas With Money session @lounge47 this morning. SMT conducts its flagship course of 16 hours over 4 weeks at an average program fee of 21K. […]

Sam Chandy – Specskraft – Matrix Partners

Sam Chandy is seen here pitching his early-stage Startup – Specskraft at the Connecting Ideas With Money session @Lounge47. Specskraft is a vertically integrated eCommerce portal that sells a curated collection of “fashion-forward eyewear at amazing prices”. Specskarft differentiates on product portfolio, product discovery process, price and brand. The founders are Sam & Vineetha Chandy, […]

Atulya Bhat – Matrix Partners

Atulya Bhat of Matrix Partners taking questions at the ‘Connecting Ideas With Money’ session on 29th Apri, 10am-12.30pm @Lounge47. 9 Startups pitched.

Shashank Kumar – Pushowl – Hyderabad Angels

@ the Connecting Ideas With Money session Shashank Kumar is seen pitching his Startup Pushowl – that helps “Retain and Re-engage your audience via Web Push Notifications” The Startup recognises that acquisition is hard and rentention of customers is even harder today. The pushowl solution is useful to almost any website in the world and […]

Rahul Maheshwari – LEVO – Hyderabad Angels

  Rahul Maheshwari pitching his Startup LEVO – a platform that allows air-travellers to connect with their co-passengers and seat themselves next to someone with whom they would like to network with on their flight. Rahul has worked at Marble Centre and KPMG. He has studied at RBS Education, Babson College and Warwick University His […]

Gautham Geddam – Levelz – Hyderabad Angels

  Gautham Geddam pitching Levelz – a Restaurant Automation Framework that automates customer communication & table ordering to improve the bottom line of food service businesses. Their solution primarily caters to QSR, Cafes, Food Trucks, Pubs & Casual Dine restaurants. Gautham one of the founders is a graduate of Business Management from Wigan & Leigh. He has […]

Hyderabad Angels – Sreekanth PS

Connecting Ideas With Money (CIWM) begins – Sreekanth PS, Hyderabad Angels addressing entrepreneurs  CIWM takes place @ Lounge47 every 2 months and attracts Startups from all over India. Lounge47 invites one investor group. This was the 10th session and many more are planned.

Naveen Margankunte & Ajay Tannirkulum – Hyperworks Imaging – Hyderabad Angels

Naveen Margankunte & Ajay Tannirkulum seen pitching Hyperworks imaging – that aims to bring ‘intelligent vision to enhance retail’ Their product CheckoutWiz that is in the pilot phase enables real-time detection and Image-based ID with the aim to eliminate checkout. Naveen and Ajay are products of IIT Bombay. Naveen has a Phd from the University […]

Sangeeth Velekatt – Kill Bill – Hyderabad Angels

Sangeeth Velekatt pitching his Startup Kill Bill – a green marketingtech solution that incentivizes citizens to take public transport. The Startup plans to solve the travel congestion and increasing cost of public transportation problem for the common man while helping businesses reduce customer acquisition costs and the negative impact on their brands from constant discounting. […]

Bharath Shanmugam – Native Bag – Hyderabad Angels

@ the Connected Ideas With Money session Bharath Shanmugam is seen pitching Native Bag – an ecommerce Startup that delivers “authentic native Indian products to your doorstep” Bharath has 14+ experience in handling ERP, IOT/IOE projects and has worked as a Program Manager with Infosys, Wipro, Deloitte & PWC. His cofounder Ravishankar Singaram has 14+years […]