Luvnit Sawhney – Hotsauce – Lead Angels

  Luvnit Sawhney is seen here pitching Hotsauce – an App Startup, that allows customers at restaurants to order food and drink from their Smartphones straight to their table. Hotsauce is currently working with restaurants to make this service available and aims to revolutionize the casual dining industry. “Have you ever been in a restaurant […]

Aman Gupta – YourMarch – Lead Angels

  Aman Gupta is seen pitching YourMarch – an online platform which empowers voters to influence politics and government policies along with fellow voters while using game mechanics to encourage and reward participation. For Users, YourMarch is a civic social network, which lets people who care about issues and politics, engage in civic discussion and […]

Vikas Johiya – Trodly – Lead Angels

  Here we see Vikas Johiya pitching Trodly – his travel Startup that lets you discover & book a variety of tours & activities that suit your taste. The activities or ‘things to do’ can be as short as a couple of hours, or as long as a whole day or a multi-day complete travel […]

Gopinath Bandari – Playcer – Lead Angels

Founder Gopinath Bandari is seen pitching his Startup – Playcer – a sports facilities/tournaments & run discovery and bookings platform. ‘Sports has the enduring ability to promote healthy lifestyles; create & share happiness’ – this is the philosophy that drives this young team. Being a regular tennis player, Gopinath always struggled to find available courts, […]

Agragesh Ramani – Acrannolife Genomics – Lead Angels

Agragesh Ramani is seen pitching Acrannolife Genomics – a Chennai-based Clinical Genomics Technology Startup. The team is building solutions that enable affordable, point-of-care pharmacogenomics and genomic diagnostics tests. A range of services are offered – consumer genetics right up to liquid biopsies for sophisticated medical treatment. The Startup has its own Integrated Genomics Laboratory. The […]

Ashish Anand – LINKSMART – Lead Angels

Ashish Anand is seen pitching LINSKMART- a security startup that offers a smart tag that can be pasted onto any item and is app-monitored. It ensures that documents, boxes etc. are tamper-proof and can be used to control counterfeiting. The solution has wide ranging applications LINKSMART promotes its solution under the brand-name smartDNA – non […]

Jyothi Noronha – FulcrumEdu – Matrix Partners

Founder Jyothi Noronha presents FulcrumEdu – an Education Startup that has been training students offline and now aims to leverage the value it has built so far by taking its abilities online. FulcrumEdu was one amongst 9 Startups that presented at the Connecting Ideas With Money session this morning @Lounge47 Fulcrum Edu has built content, […]

Ashutosh Kumar – Clappia – Matrix Partners

Here is Ashutosh Kumar pitching Clappia – a SaaS based digital workplace equipped with zero-code business App creation tools. Clappia was one amongst 9 Startups that pitched at the Connecting Ideas With Money session this morning @Lounge47. Clappia enables enterprises to create mobility-focused Apps in a drag-n-drop interface, customize them according to their business needs, […]

Saurab Chawla, Bhuvan Gupta & Hemant Agrawal – Codeground – Matrix Partners

Here is COO Saurab Chawla, CTO Bhuvan Gupta and CEO Hemant Agrawal pitching Codeground – a recruitment Startup. This was one of 9 Startups that presented at the Connecting Ideas With Money session this morning @Lounge47. Codeground was born in August 2014, as just an idea. Things began to happen fairly quickly and the team […]

Yuvraj Tomar – Thinqbot Technologies – Matrix Partners

Yuvraj Tomar is seen presenting Thinqbot Technologies – that provides a Wireless RetroFit Home Automation solution. Yuvraj was amongst 9 other founders that pitched their Startups this morning at the Connecting Ideas With Money session @Lounge47 Thinqbot was founded 3 years ago. Today Thinqbot offes two solutions to consumers Pan India: 1) ATOM: Stand alone […]