Parminder Sahni – VsnapU – Ventureast

Parminder Sahni is seen pitching his Startup VsnapU[vsnapu.com] – an online aggregator of photographers offering services to tourists at sightseeing spots. Vsnapu recently completed a pilot in Munnar to validate the idea. Contrary to what one would assume – people on holiday want their privacy, Parminder found that converting tourists into customers was easy as […]

Kailash and Devesh Nichani – Glassic – Ventureast

Brothers Kailash and Devesh Nichani are seen pitching their Startup – Glassic [www.glassic.in], that has set out to sell “great quality, good-looking affordable and fun-to-buy” eyewear online. Both Kailash and Devesh graduated from Loyola College, Chennai however took different paths before finally working at their family business – optical retail. Devesh unlike Kailash worked at […]

Vijay Ramaraju G – Instagreen Tea – Ventureast

Founder Vijay Ramaraju G is seen pitching his product Instagreen – an easy, healthy and convenient Green tea experience. His Startup Organic Trends Inc is based in Hyderabad (instagreentea.com). Instagreen Tea packs fresh organic green tea leaves inside a cup with an infusion layer shielding it. It is an aesthetically designed packed Cup, at an […]

Siddharth Desai & Aman Bapna – Cleanslate – Ventureast

Siddharth Desai and Aman Bapna are seen pitching their Startup – Clean Slate – a platform inLocate that allows brick and mortar and digital businesses to accurately locate people and communicate with them indoors through their apps whether inside a retail store or a factory warehouse. InLocate is built on a proprietary technology which neither […]

Pranay Prateek & Ankit Nayan – TapDiscover – Ventureast

At the Connecting Ideas With Money session on the 3rd of June, Pranay Prateek and Ankit Nayan are pitching their Startup TapDiscover – that enables women to discover the best shops around them for ethnic dress wear. A chat function allows customers to discuss designs and price before visiting the store. “Customers research a lot […]

PH Sriram – Sociograph – Ventureast

PH Sriram pitching Sociograph – an AI Startup that leverages diverse sources of data available within organizations to predict the next best interaction, a sales/marketing person should have with a customer to positively influence a transaction. Sriram spent 10+ years selling technology products & services to enterprise. His cofounder Ananthakrishnan Gopal is a PhD in […]

Manu Shekhar & Bikramjit Bedbak – Cartdial – Ventureast

Founders Manu Shekhar and Bikramjit Bedbak pitch CartDial – a Startup that not just repairs your laptop or mobile phone but delivers the device to your preferred location. Here are some of the issues the Startup is tackling – affordability of service, transparency of authorized service centers, service standardization, pricing transparency & convenience. “Our 1 […]

Narendar Lokwani & Piyush Bajaj – BidExprt.com – Ventureast

Narendar Lokwani and Piyush Bajaj are seen pitching BidExprt.com – a SaaS based Bid Management platform that streamlines and automates the Bid Management process. Narendar is a BID and Presales professional and has worked in the IT Services Industry for 16+ including leadership roles with firms like Infosys, Capgemini and MindTree. “Through my career, I […]

Santosh Verma – Go IoTronix – Ventureast

Santosh Verma seen pitching his Startup – Go Iotronix – that manufacturers and markets home automation IoT products at affordable prices. They are currently solving two pain points – water wastage and “inrush current” at homes. They have developed two products to address these pains points – the Meet-I-Tap and the Meet-I-Switch. “We use home […]

Xavier Silvadasan – Quenchy – Ventureast

Xavier Silvadasan is seen pitching his Startup Quenchy (Android App) – it is an on-demand inventory-led B2C mobile platform to order safe Drinking Water. Quenchy uses an asset-light business model and keeps control of the entire process including the availability, quality, pricing, dark-stores, logistics and partner management. To facilitate this, they are creating a city wide […]