Vinod Podar – Propadis – Lead Angels

Founder Vinod Podar is seen pitching his Startup Propadis – a technology-enabled property management platform that caters to customers owning an India property and builders who want to market their India properties to people living abroad. It targets property owners overseas (NRI’s) and those living in India. In the B2C space it works with a […]

Yamini Dhote – GovInfo.me – Lead Angels

Founder Yamini Dhote (Yojna Saratker) is seen pitching her Startup GovInfo.me – an online repository of Government information such as schemes, Jobs , Scholarships and News from the central government & all 29 state governments in India. The information is available in 9 Indian languages. It holds 2000+ articles. Website: https://govinfo.me App links: GovInfo:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adventure.govinfo&hl=en Pradhan Mantri […]

John Joseph, Nitin Shaji & Glen Martin – Mho – Lead Angels

Founders John Joseph, Nitin Shaji and Glen Martin are seen pitching their Hyderabad-based Startup Mho – an App/SaaS solution that helps enterprises better communicate with their users. “We have built a Parser packaged as an Enterprise product called MessAI,” says John. “The Parser is patented and built for extracting information from unstructured data like SMS. It […]

Renukaprasad – HaveNow – Lead Angels

Founder Renukaprasad is seen pitching Hubli-based FMCG startup Havenow that sells “traditional tasting healthy food in a package” Havenow Foodtech that started in December 2016, is a FMCG Food Manufacturing and Marketing company based out of Hubli. It has built several food brands including confectionery brand Chicley. Havenow’s vision is to combine age-old wisdom in […]

HariHaraSudan – Kalam’sKafe – Lead Angels

Founder HariHaraSudan is seen pitching his Startup Kalam’sKafe – that serves “authentic South Indian filter Coffee, boiler tea and snacks to the masses at affordable prices” Founders: 1.R.HariHaraSudan B.E- Civil Engineering Work Experience- 4 years (M.N.Dastur & Co P Ltd) Startup Experience: 4 years 2.Name: Ayub Khan Work Experience: 18 years in food industry. Startup […]

Sunit Sahoo Srichandan – PlugInBaby – Lead Angels

Founder Sunit Sahoo Srichandan is seen pitching PluginBaby – a platform that matches musicians to live performance venues. The Startup is passionate about helping musicians find gigs effortlessly using technology. The Startup idea was born out of Sunit’s own struggles as a musician. He dreamt of a successful career in music with a large fan […]

Ishan Garg – Crypto News – Lead Angels

Founder Ishan Garg is seen pitching his very early-stage Startup CryptoNews with the vision – “a one stop for all you cryptocurrency needs” Url: https://bitcofunds.com/ App: https://goo.gl/qcPnQW Ishan Garg is a single founder with 4 years experience in blogging, development & growth hacking. He started with this passion as well as writing his first application […]

Sukriti Saroj – Connecting Ideas With Money – 3rd Feb 2018

At the Connecting Ideas With Money session that took place on the 3rd of February, 10am-12.30pm, Sukriti Saroj, Lead Angels, Regional Head South India is seen addressing the room. Nine Startups pitched, 7 from Bangalore, 1 from Hubli and 1 from Hyderabad. A variety of verticals were covered – Retailtech, FMCG, Cryptocurrency, Apps/SAAS enterprise, media, […]

Dr. Vivek Mansingh & Satish Mugulavalli – YourNest – 6th Jan

At the end of the session, guests Dr. Vivek Mansingh  and Satish Mugulavalli , YourNest provided feedback to the Startups that pitched. Dr. Mansingh (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vND8hCh9X4A ) is a General Partner at YourNest while Mr. Mugulavalli is a member of the YourNest leadership team. Here are their comments: 1.Keep information on slides to a minimum for the first pitch. […]

Vivek SP, Shouvik Mukherjee & Rajiv Piplani – Indianara.in – YourNest

Founders Vivek SP, Shouvik Mukherjee and Rajiv Piplani seen pitching Indianara.in – the ‘Ikea for wall décor’. “We are a highly profitable and currently bootstrapped venture in the $70b Wall Décor space,” says Vivek. “We want to build a global brand. There are no brands in the space and it is a highly unorganized space, […]