Mahboob & Irfan D – Zraya – CIO Angel Network

Founders Mahboob and Irfan D are seen pitching Bangalore-based Zraya – an ecommerce Startup selling customizable office furniture online. Zraya aims to become a one-stop source for personalized furniture working with modern materials and processed with sustainable materials, modern processes and localized manufacturing. The founders personally experienced difficulty furnishing their office. Both finding manufacturers and […]

Prashant Kumar & Rajan Sengar – VéWash – CIO Angel Network

Prashant Kumar and Rajan Sengar are seen pitching their Startup VéWash – an early-stage Suratkal-based online laundry Startup. The problem they are trying to solve is one where people especially students have no time and no place to wash, dry or iron their clothes and available options are expensive and slow. The Startup allows customers […]

Ashutosh & Basavaraj – BigLifeTech – CIO Angel Network

Founders Ashutosh and Basavaraj are seen pitching their early-stage Startup – Biglifetech – that has submits that they have developed an Edtech tablet that assists students with reading, note-taking, graphs and diagrams. The Startup is 5 months old and has its first product Stynote in beta testing. The team is a group of four students, […]

Kartikey Kashyap – Fostergem – CIO Angel Network

Founder Kartikey Kashyap is seen pitching Fostergem – a social network that aims to get you quality content matching your interests. The team believes that the platforms that exist are “noisy and too generic” and therefore believe that Fostergem can add value to peoples lives. The Startup is targeting Millennials, copious consumers of content. The […]

Kishori Pawar & Tushar Vaidya – Infinity Robots – CIO Angel Networks

Founder Kishori Pawar and Tushar Vaidya seen pitching their Hyderabad-based early-stage Startup – Infinity Robots – a Startup on the way to building a robots that takes over repetitive tasks’. “Our vision is to proliferate human efficiency, by deploying robots in labor intensive tasks. Our mission is to provide AI enabled bots which can be […]

Atul Chauhan & Siddharth Singh – Daily2Home – CIO Angel Network

Atul Chauhan is seen pitching his Startup Daily2Home [Better & Boon’s Venture Services] – that offers fresh fruit and vegetables online, home delivery and retail outlets. The Startup is based in Agra and operational in Lucknow as well. ”We are committed to providing an option to our customers of buying safe and healthy food, and […]

Jagdish Chandra Belwal – Connecting Ideas With Money – CIO Angel Network

Jagdish Chandra Belwal, International CIO of GE Digital and Transportation, investor and member at CIO Angel Network addressing entrepreneurs at this morning’s ‘Connecting Ideas With Money’ session. The session saw 8 startups pitch – three from outside Bangalore [Agra, Suratkal, Hyderabad] and 5 from Bangalore. At the end of the session, Jagdish shared some of […]

Parminder Sahni – VsnapU – Ventureast

Parminder Sahni is seen pitching his Startup VsnapU[vsnapu.com] – an online aggregator of photographers offering services to tourists at sightseeing spots. Vsnapu recently completed a pilot in Munnar to validate the idea. Contrary to what one would assume – people on holiday want their privacy, Parminder found that converting tourists into customers was easy as […]

Kailash and Devesh Nichani – Glassic – Ventureast

Brothers Kailash and Devesh Nichani are seen pitching their Startup – Glassic [www.glassic.in], that has set out to sell “great quality, good-looking affordable and fun-to-buy” eyewear online. Both Kailash and Devesh graduated from Loyola College, Chennai however took different paths before finally working at their family business – optical retail. Devesh unlike Kailash worked at […]

Vijay Ramaraju G – Instagreen Tea – Ventureast

Founder Vijay Ramaraju G is seen pitching his product Instagreen – an easy, healthy and convenient Green tea experience. His Startup Organic Trends Inc is based in Hyderabad (instagreentea.com). Instagreen Tea packs fresh organic green tea leaves inside a cup with an infusion layer shielding it. It is an aesthetically designed packed Cup, at an […]