Tags: 2017

Vimal Patil – Nextdrive Electric – Ideaspring Capital

Founder Vimal Patil is seen pitching Nextdrive Electric – a startup that converts diesel mini trucks into electric for fleet operators. website: www.nextdriveelectric.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/Nextdriveelectric/ https://twitter.com/NxtDrivElectric “We convert any diesel mini-trucks to electric at our facility with our specialized components, state of the art tools and components to help fleet operators save money on operational costs,” says Vimal. […]

Deepak Singh Kashyap – Pi Revolution – Ideaspring Capital

Team member Deepak Singh Kashyap is seen pitching Pi Revolution – a startup that aims to disrupt the retail store customer experience through enabling smart environments. Website: www.pirevolutions.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ09WQhQ3qk “We believe in doing things differently rather than doing incrementally better” Is the mantra that stamps this Startup team. The Startup is aiming to solve the following […]

Puneet Badrinath – Fabrik – Ideaspring Capital

Founder Puneet B seen pitching early-stage startup Fabrik – a BYO (Build Your Own) VR startup. Their product Blurb is a cloud-based platform to use drag-and- drop tools and quickly create a virtual experience that’s hosted as a website, mobile app or on head-mounted devices (HMDs). Puneet B has built startups Hanchu and Appunfold and […]

Rakesh Ranjan – Zigfo Technologies – Ideaspring Capital

Rakesh Ranjan is seen pitching Zigfo – an ecommerce startup that enables customization of designer garments. It is also working on technologies like image sensing for custom design and image processing for auto-measurement to improve fit. Website: www.zigfo.com “Zigfo wants to become the world’s leading online custom made clothing provider,” says Rakesh. “Many of us are […]

Suryaprakash Konanuru – Ideaspring Capital

  Suryaprakash Konanuru, CTO Ideaspring Capital spoke to a room full of entrepreneurs at the ‘Connecting Ideas With Money’ session. 6 Startups pitched from the EV, Fintech, Healthtech, Retailtech, VR and Ecom (fashion) verticals. At the end of the session, he shared his thoughts on how a first pitch could be improved: 1. Present only […]

Shivaraj Ramgiri – Appnings – Kae Capital

Founder Shivaraj Ramgiri seen pitching his startup Appnings – that is developing two products Educonnect – a SaaS Platform with mobile application that brings teachers, parents and management onto a single platform. VRappnings – a platform that will provide educational institutes with access to VR content. His vision is to change the way we educate […]