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17 February 2018
09 December 2017

Shivaraj Ramgiri – Appnings – Kae Capital

Founder Shivaraj Ramgiri seen pitching his startup Appnings – that is developing two products Educonnect – a SaaS Platform with mobile application that brings teachers, parents and management onto a single platform. VRappnings – a platform that will provide educational institutes with access to VR content. His vision is to change the way we educate […]

Chandrashekar Bhat & Vivek Shettar – Trashin Recycling – Ankur Capital

Chandrashekar Bhat and Vivek Shettar seen pitching Trashin Recycling – an internet platform that creates lean supply chains for recyclables; to divert maximum recyclables from landfill, empower waste pickers’ lives and in the process create jobs for marginalized communities. The Startup is currently focused on recycling low value plastics. They have established key partnerships, recycled […]

Ankur Capital – Shreyansh Singal

At the Connecting Ideas With Money session held on the 18th of August, 6.30pm, Shreyansh Singhal, Ankur Capital is seen addresing the audience. 7 Startups pitched.