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Vimal Patil – Nextdrive Electric – Ideaspring Capital

Founder Vimal Patil is seen pitching Nextdrive Electric – a startup that converts diesel mini trucks into electric for fleet operators. website: www.nextdriveelectric.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/Nextdriveelectric/ https://twitter.com/NxtDrivElectric “We convert any diesel mini-trucks to electric at our facility with our specialized components, state of the art tools and components to help fleet operators save money on operational costs,” says Vimal. […]

Amit Pawani – Fin-School – Ideaspring Capital

Founder Amit Pawani pitching Fin-School – an App that crunches data and serves as a tool for traders like Retail Traders, Investment Advisors, Merchant Bankers and Underwriters and others connected to Capital Markets. “The proportion of retail investors in India’s equities markets is strikingly low. Less than 3.5% of the population (approx. 40 Million) invests […]

Deepak Singh Kashyap – Pi Revolution – Ideaspring Capital

Team member Deepak Singh Kashyap is seen pitching Pi Revolution – a startup that aims to disrupt the retail store customer experience through enabling smart environments. Website: www.pirevolutions.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ09WQhQ3qk “We believe in doing things differently rather than doing incrementally better” Is the mantra that stamps this Startup team. The Startup is aiming to solve the following […]

Harsha Shetty – Flebie – Ideaspring Capital

Harsha Shetty seen pitching Flebie – a technology platform that organizing the healthcare ecosystem by enabling location-based price discovery, appointment scheduling and fulfillment through an in-house team of caregivers. website:www.flebie.com Harsha holds a PGPM, Sunstone Business Scholl and a B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering from SJCE, Mysore. He has 11 years of work experience […]

Puneet Badrinath – Fabrik – Ideaspring Capital

Founder Puneet B seen pitching early-stage startup Fabrik – a BYO (Build Your Own) VR startup. Their product Blurb is a cloud-based platform to use drag-and- drop tools and quickly create a virtual experience that’s hosted as a website, mobile app or on head-mounted devices (HMDs). Puneet B has built startups Hanchu and Appunfold and […]

Rakesh Ranjan – Zigfo Technologies – Ideaspring Capital

Rakesh Ranjan is seen pitching Zigfo – an ecommerce startup that enables customization of designer garments. It is also working on technologies like image sensing for custom design and image processing for auto-measurement to improve fit. Website: www.zigfo.com “Zigfo wants to become the world’s leading online custom made clothing provider,” says Rakesh. “Many of us are […]