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Sindhu Kolli & Abhinav Reddy – Ezq – Indian Angel Network

Sindhu Kolli & Abhinav Reddy are seen pitching Hyderabad-based Ezq – a platform of Askers, Answerers and Routers – that solve problems for people and earn a micro commission. “On day 1, a friend of mine doing her Masters in the US posted some doubt in her thesis project on Ezq. I routed it to […]

Ankit Raj – Nakshi – Indian Angel Network

Ankit Raj is seen pitching Nakshi – an ecommerce Startup for Art & Fashion that offers handmade, artistic, designer, vintage and unique creations. Website: www.nakshi.com Nakshi was formed when the founders failed to promote Indian artists with London Galleries & Auction Houses. They went on to build a community to better understand and then help […]

Mallikarjun Krishna & Madhusudan Rao – Ekprice.com – Indian Angel Network

Mallikarjun Krishna and Madhusudan Rao pitching Ekprice.com – a ONE price marketplace where selling or buying happens for Rs.500. The Startup focuses on products for women and everyday services. Ekprice.com was started over a casual discussion between the friends at a beer party. “We wanted to bring in a platform where price variation should not be a concern […]

Ajay Padhy – GetApoyo – Indian Angel Network

Ajay Padhy pitching Odisha-based Apoyo – the practo/portea of Odisha. Website: www.getapoyo.com “Did you know that on average 7.1% of Indians suffer from Diabetes and in Odisha it is as high as 10%,” says Ajay. “In many cases we find due to busy lifestyle, people do not get time to go for a check up […]

Shri Raghu Raaman T & Sathish Aravind – CelebratON – Indian Angel Network

  Shri Raghu Raaman T  and Sathish Aravind  pitching Chennai-based CelebratON – an online aggregator of service providers for all kinds of events like birthday parties, weddings etc. Website: www.celebraton.in Facebook: https://lnkd.in/fTYXDn8 “In this competitive world, everyone seems so busy with their daily errands. The only thing that keeps us connected to our special ones […]

Prashanth – Udma Technologies – Indian Angel Network

Prashanth pitching Udupi-based Fintech Startup Udmatech – that offers a wallet and connects the unconnected by supporting all phones. The Startup has built the UAA-Wallet that works both in the Internet and the no-Internet zones and also on both smart & feature Phones. Except for registration, all other processes can be managed without Internet. www.udmatech.com […]

Vaibhav Agarwal – Locio – Indian Angel Network

Vaibhav agarwal is seen pitching at the Connecting Ideas With Money seesion this morning. His Startup is Locio – a “private and secure networking platform in your neighbourhood.” Ekta Jalan is the other cofounder. Locio was founded to solve their personal problem – they found it hard to get accustomed to a new city and a new neighborhood. […]

James Naveen – Syncyu – Indian Angel Network

James Naveen is seen pitching Syncyu – a hybrid social networking App at the ‘Connected Ideas With Money’ session this morning. The Startup has three founders – James, Kiran Kumar and Muralidharan Sridharane . “There were desperate times and James & Kiran sold their bikes and Jewelry just to cover the Operational expenses,” explain the […]