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Dr. Vivek Mansingh & Satish Mugulavalli – YourNest – 6th Jan

At the end of the session, guests Dr. Vivek Mansingh  and Satish Mugulavalli , YourNest provided feedback to the Startups that pitched. Dr. Mansingh (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vND8hCh9X4A ) is a General Partner at YourNest while Mr. Mugulavalli is a member of the YourNest leadership team. Here are their comments: 1.Keep information on slides to a minimum for the first pitch. […]

Vivek SP, Shouvik Mukherjee & Rajiv Piplani – Indianara.in – YourNest

Founders Vivek SP, Shouvik Mukherjee and Rajiv Piplani seen pitching Indianara.in – the ‘Ikea for wall décor’. “We are a highly profitable and currently bootstrapped venture in the $70b Wall Décor space,” says Vivek. “We want to build a global brand. There are no brands in the space and it is a highly unorganized space, […]

Uma Mahesh, Ajith Nayar & Pramod Solanky – Gifto – YourNest

Founders Uma Mahesh, Ajith Nayar and Pramod Solanky are seen pitching Gifto – a retail commerce App that enables transactions through a mobile phone camera photo, using Computer Vision technology. This young startup aims to “usher in a new genre of retail commerce technology”. They hope to bridge the offline-online commerce space through visual discovery […]

Kiran Hiriyanna -Schoolay – YourNest

Kiran Hiriyanna seen pitching Schoolay – an ecommerce Startup catering to ‘all kids needs’. The Startup describes itself as the “dean of all kids needs”. Schoolay is also in the process of developing a GPS tracker shoe for kids which has completed the prototype stage and is moving towards commercial sustainability. Links: Schoolay.com https://www.instagram.com/schoolay_dot_com/?hl=en Tweets by schoolay_com https://www.facebook.com/schoolay/ […]

Suhail Pothigara – Poly9 – YourNest

Suhail Pothigara seen pitching Poly9 – a realistic 3D commerce platform for manufacturers that reduces time and investment to showcase products before finalizing order. “Poly9’s proprietary 3D technology shows product designs just like they look in person with Hollywood level graphics powered from the cloud. Poly9 works in any modern browser and supports Augmented Reality […]

Benjamin Jacob & Ivy Manohara – Filmapia – YourNest

Founders Benjamin Jacob and Ivy Manohara are seen pitching Filmapia – a platform where filmmakers can explore and book locations for film shoots. Finding suitable locations for a film shoot is one of the trickiest problems that filmmakers face and involves unpredictable costs and time. Filmapia solves this problem. Benjamin holds a B.E (Electronics) and […]

Keertish Chandra Shrimali & Ramgopal Prajapat – BASIYN – YourNest

Founders Keertish Chandra Shrimali and Ramgopal Prajapat pitching early-stage Startup BASIYN – a technology platform (Mobile App and Web) that helps Consumers and Enterprises, empowers sellers (Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Retailers) to build their customer community, and create catalogs with all the key product attributes. Sellers can share their catalog only with their own customers and […]

Ayan Choudhury & Debapriya Bhattacharya – TheoreX – YourNest

Ayan Choudhury and Debapriya Bhattacharya pitching Kolkata-based TheoreX , that is building a data analytics and data visualization platform that aims to remodel the Indian education system. They aim to focus on overall development of school students by bringing students, teachers and parents onto a single platform where they can collaborate and make the way […]