Lounge47 is based in Bangalore, but attracts Startups from all over India. We are an entrepreneurial community of 6000+ entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to help all entrepreneurs (at any stage) realize their dreams of building great startups and businesses. Lounge47 does not take any equity in companies nor charge any fees.


1. Our events are a FREE service to entrepreneurs.

2. There are no hidden costs – we take no equity, fees, board seats or invest in any Startup.

3. We have no affiliations with investor groups, but we make introductions as necessary.

4. We help every entrepreneur regardless of idea, stage and other parameters.

5. Our primary goal is to accelerate Startup trajectory from idea to success.

Our events

1. Connecting Ideas With Money. Investor events. On-Location, Public.

2. Validate My Idea or Startup. On Telephone. Private.

3. Startup Clinics. On-location. Private.


We have

1) conducted 500+ startup events

2) built a 6000+ entrepreneur community

3) had a footfall of 16000+ attendees @Lounge47

4) moderated 2200+ entrepreneur presentations

5) hosted 80+ speakers

6) mentored 200+ startups

7) connected 100+ startups with investors




Tel: +91-81-0510-0194